The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies (collectively, “Progressive Insurance”)  is a leader in boat insurance and the largest seller of personal watercraft insurance in the U.S. It offers flexible, year-round coverage so boaters can go wherever they choose, whenever they choose and have peace of mind they're protected. Specialty coverages, which vary by state, include On-Water TowingRoadside AssistancePersonal EffectsTotal Loss Replacement, and Pet Injury.

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Since 1983, AQUA DOC has been keeping ponds beautiful for individual home owners, associations, condominiums, businesses, golf courses, municipalities and marinas. An industry leader, AQUA DOC’s focus is sustainable stewardship of fresh water ecosystems and maintaining a healthy balance in the waters we manage.

With AQUA DOC, you can be assured only the finest specialists and technicians will be managing your water. Our specialists, many with advanced degrees in fields such as environmental studies and aquatic biology, are fully trained, licensed and certified in their respective specialties. Furthermore, AQUA DOC values continuing education for our staff and provides internal training through a series of classes called AQUA DOC U, as well as outside training through manufacturers and other industry leaders and influencers.

AQUA DOC Lake & Pond Management

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8302 Ball Ground Hwy.

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Tru180° represents a change in direction, a reversal of an action or condition. The name is inspired by the recycled material used to make our furniture. And Tru180° products offer a chance to change the direction of busy lives by relaxing with family and friends.

“A change in direction” also has a personal significance for us. Several years ago, Art chose to move away from his “corporate” job with a Fortune 100 financial company, and Damon chose to move on from his litigation career as a partner in a national law firm. We each embraced the opportunity to change direction in our careers, and we’re eternally grateful to our families and friends for the support!

In the early days, we focused on product design and development to create high quality, comfortable, and beautiful outdoor furnishings. Once the initial Adirondacks, gliders, tables, and chairs were complete, we concentrated on hand-crafting enough furniture in an efficient manner to serve the ever-growing demand. We continue to embrace change, seek improvement, and learn from everyone we meet.

Tru180° is founded on the principle that our customers, partners, employees, and friends are important to us, and we want to be important to them. Thank you for embracing the new directions that life brings every day!

Why Virtual Imaging, Inc.

The most significant advances in diagnostic medicine today are in the area of medical imaging. ‘Virtual’ examinations (Full Body Scans) of internal organs are now a reality. Technology alone, however, does not provide better outcomes for patients. The skill and experience of physicians are necessary to help patients transform this new information into a useful, cohesive plan. At Virtual Imaging Inc., we recognize the importance of this relationship. We provide accurate information; your physician provides the appropriate treatment. And that’s only part of why you should choose Virtual Imaging, Inc.

NMMA Certified boats are built by manufacturers who go the extra mile to ensure systems safety. With a certified boat you can be confident that the quality and safety features of your boat meet voluntary industry safety and construction standards, as well as all applicable federal regulations.

NMMA Certified